XT sleeve for PLBW -  PLBWXT


Image shows PLBWXT fitted to old barn door - zinc primed for painting

A DUO Padlock Operated Bolt is a locking bolt that can be locked using any of a number of common padlocks e.g. Lockwood 234/45 and the padlock (not supplied) is protected by a guard when locked.


Model PLBW employs the locking padlock as its operating handle to move the locking bolt from an unlocked position to a locked position and vice versa.    The padlock may also be used to lock the bolt in an open position.


To enable a PLBW to be installed to a timber door (and steel gates and doors) without welding a PLBWXT is available for fastening to a door or gate with M6 metal thread fasteners.


The PLBW is manufactured from steel and its components are hot galvanised.   The XT sleeve is manufactured from zinc plated hollow section.   Fasteners are not supplied and it is recommended that high tensile M6 fasteners are employed.