h25 instructions
H25 Hinges
- Installation Instructions -
Each DUO H25 hinge is lightly lubricated prior to packing to assist installation.

Before operating any H25 hinge it must be properly assembled and lubricated using a high temperature, preferably water resistant, grease by using the grease nipple provided.    A H25 hinge has been properly lubricated when a small amount of lubricating grease emerges at the bearing line of the hinge.

Before commencing the installation of the H25 please read the whole of these instructions and ensure that any welding can be completed safely.

Product H25/NLO may be installed to impede unauthorized lifting of a gate or door.

Please note that H25 hinges are coated with a weld through metal primer and should be treated accordingly.


1.   H25 hinges are handed and each H25 hinge must be installed with the grease nipple uppermost.

Note:    As supplied the 5/8” stainless steel pivot axle of an H25 hinge is removable to enable the pivot to be removed prior to galvanizing a gate with H25 fitted (for example) – in which case such coating material and debris must be excluded from all hinge cavities and bearing surfaces.


2.   Position each H25 hinge so that all are in the same alignment and accurately mark the positions of all flaps (and clamp the flaps in position).


3.   H25 flaps may be drilled for fastening to a door or gate with 3 x M10 high tensile fasteners per flap or welded to the hanging post or jamb and and/or the gate or door respectively.


4.   Tack weld or securely clamp all hinges into position.


5.   Check the swing of the door or gate and ensure that sufficient operating clearances are available and that each hinge operates without binding and all hinges carry a load equal to each other.


6.   Adjust the position(s) of the hinge(s) as necessary and repeat step 5.


7.    When all necessary adjustments have been made, fully weld each hinge flap or complete installation of the M10 high tensile fasteners.

Note:    H25 hinge flaps are designed to enable a continuous weld along the edge of each flap - welding must only be applied to the flaps and to no other part of a hinge.


8.   Disassemble each hinge and apply a thin coat of grease to the stainless steel pivot axle, reassemble the hinges and re-check proper operation of each hinge.

Note:      To assist hanging of the door or gate, position one (or more) pivot axles “ahead” of the other(s).


9.   Before operating the door or gate to which the H25 hinges are installed, fully grease each hinge by means of their respective grease nipples.


Modifications to this product and/or installation other than as described above will void all warranties and/or guarantees relating to this product.