RRP Price List
RRP Price List

Date:    1 December 2010



                                    Unit                  RRP    


UB200F                       Each                 $46.00                         


PLBW                          Each                 $74.00                                     


PLB/RP5                      Each                 $33.00                        


PLB/WB60                  Each                 $33.00                         


PLB/WOS                    Each                 $19.80                         


XT Kit (includes PLBW)  Each               $125.00                         


HBC                             Pair                   $60.00                         


HBW                            Pair                   $80.00                         


HGB90                        Each                 $112.00                       


H16                              Pair                   $53.00                        


H25 (/LH /RH)            Each                 $120.00                       


H38 (/LH /RH)            Each                 $145.00                       


Please note:


1.                   H25 and H38 hinges are handed.


2.           Orders for hinges must be accompanied by a declaration as to the mass of     each door or gate to which the hinges will be fitted.

2.                   H25FP and H38FP hinges are available on special quotation.

3.                   This price list supersedes all previous prices for the above products.

4.                   Prices listed above are valid for 90 days from the date of this price list.