rp5 instructions

   PLB/RP5 Retainer Plate for PLBW Padlock Operated Bolt

- Installation Instructions -




A PLB/RP5 may be welded to a gate latching post or a door jamb to receive the throw of a PLBW and fasten that gate or door in a closed position.

Before commencing the installation of the PLB?RP5 please read the whole of these instructions and ensure that any welding can be completed safely.

Padlock Bolts are not recommended for installation to doors which form a part of a required exit.

PLB/RP5 may be installed with a PLBW which is installed with its locking bolt that throws horizontally left or right or vertically up or down.


1.   Position the PLB/RP5 so that when locked the PLBW locking bolt extends about 60mm within the large hole formed in the PLB/RP5, then mark the position of the PLB/RP5 on the hanging post or door jamb.


2.   Either install the PLB/RP5 with suitable M8 fasteners or weld the PLB/RP5 to the latching post or door jamb.


3.   The position of the PLB/RP5 should allow a little free play so that the PLBW locking bolt can be operated easily when locking or unlocking.


4.   Repair any damage to the zinc plating of the PLB/RP5.


Modifications to the product other than those described above will void all warranties and/or guarantees on the product.