hbw instructions
   HBW Security Hinge Bolts

- Installation Instructions -


This product is suitable for installation to doors that are at least 40mm thick, installation to doors having a lesser thickness is not recommended.

Before commencing the installation of HBW please read the whole of these instructions and ensure no conflicts or potential conflicts with any part of the door or building structure exist.


These instructions may be generally applicable to installations to timber doors.


1.   Measure 100mm down from the top door hinge and 100mm up from the bottom door hinge then place a central mark on the door edge at each point.

2.   Lay a nail on the door edge so that head is on the first mark and gently begin to close the door until the head of the nail just marks the jamb - repeat this for the second mark.

3.   Drill a 15mm diameter hole into the door at each mark to a depth of 5mm.

4.   Counter-drill a 11.5mm diameter hole into the door at each mark to a depth of 40mm.

5.   Using a soft faced mallet drive each HBW bolt into the door until the 19mm diameter portion of each HBW security hinge bolt abuts the face of the door edge.

Note:    For a door having a suitable metal stile, a 12mm diameter hole may be drilled into the hollow door stile and a HBW/BN mount may be employed to fasten the HBW security hinge bolt into the door stile.

6.   Drill a 25mm diameter hole into the frame at each mark, to a depth of 28mm.

7.   Align the 25mm hole in each keeper plate with a hole in the frame and mark the positions for the four keeper plate fasteners.

8.   Drill a 3mm diameter hole for each fastener and install the keeper plates with the self tapping screws supplied.

9.   Slowly close the door, checking that neither HBW security hinge bolt binds on any part of the frame and neither 'bottoms' in the receiving holes in the frame.

A suitable industrial strength adhesive may be employed to improve fastening of the HBW security hinge bolt threads into the door and the self tapping fastener into the jamb.

Modifications or alterations to this product or installation other than complying with the above instructions will void any and all warranties or guarantees on this product.