PLBW Padlock Operated Bolt

- Installation Instructions -


A Padlock Bolt may be locked using any of a variety of brass bodied padlocks, please check that yours is suitable.

Before commencing the installation of the PLBW please read the whole of these instructions and ensure that there are no door hardware conflicts, building safety requirements will not be infringed and all work can be completed safely.

Padlock Bolts are not recommended for installation to doors that form a part of a required exit.

PLBW may be installed so that the locking bolt shoots horizontally left or right or shoots vertically up or down - it is recommended that the guard is fastened to the surface of the door.


1.   Position the body of the PLBW so that when locked the locking bolt extends about 60mm beyond the leading edge of the door or gate, then tack weld its housing about 25mm back from that edge.


2.   Make a 20mm long continuous weld about 50mm from the trailing end of the PLBW housing and a similar weld to the padlock guard cover about 40mm from its trailing end then make 20mm long continuous welds on both sides of the PLBW housing about 25mm from the leading end of the PLBW housing.


3.   Then make a 20mm long continuous weld to the leading end of the PLBW housing and the leading edge of the door or gate.


4.   Repair all damage to the zinc plating of the PLBW caused by the welding operations.


Ensure that the PLBW bolt slides easily between its locked and unlocked positions.


Modifications to the product other than those described above will void all warranties and/or guarantees on the product.


To lock the PLBW - when the locking bolt shoots left -

A.   Open the padlock and turn the shackle to 180 degrees from its locked position and place  the toe of the shackle through the end of the locking bolt.


B.   Move the padlock leftwards and tilt it anticlockwise a little until the end of the locking bolt is almost flush with the end of its housing – then the padlock can be rotated anti-clockwise until its body is clear of the guard.


C.   Now turn the padlock body toward you and allow it to swing down into the guard so that it hangs vertically - you can now push the padlock upward and lock it.


To unlock the PLBW - when the locking bolt shoots left -

A.   Unlock the padlock and rotate it anti-clockwise about 90 degrees then flip the body upward  and rotate the padlock clockwise back into the guard about 120 degrees.


B.   Now push the padlock upwards and rightwards to retract the locking bolt - the locking bolt can be locked open by passing the padlock shackle through the 13mm round hole.