ub200f instructions

Self Retracting Door Bolt

- UB200F -




Before commencing the installation of a UB200F please read the whole of these instructions and confirm the suitability of the device by placing it in position and checking that there are no conflicts with any other locks, hardware or other products which may already have been fitted to the door or the frame.

Any locks, hardware or other equipment likely to impede this operation should be removed, otherwise the

installation should not proceed

The UB200F has been designed to suit most doors and frames and may be installed using the fasteners supplied.


Installation -

1. Place the body of the LIB200F (with the bolt retracted) on the door leaf so that the bolt end is flush with the bottom edge of the door and is set approximately 5mm back from the leading edge of the door, then mark the hole centres for the two "middle" holes and drill 2.5mm holes into the door.


2. Install two fasteners and mark the position of the receiving socket (UBl00S4) in the floor .


3. Install the socket and check the operation of the UB200F, making any adjustments to the installation necessary to allow proper projection and retraction of the locking bolt.


4. Now install the remaining fasteners and check the proper operation of the completed installation.


Each UB200F is not lubricated as supplied - a light oil or white grease may be applied after installation and for maintenance purposes. Modifications to the UB200F will void the manufacturer's warranty on this product.


Operation -


To fasten the door:


Move the operating knob along its guide slot until it is approximately 180 degrees from its start position, then release the knob.

The handle should then locate in a notch within the body of the UB200F thereby, retaining the locking bolt in its projected position, holding the door closed .


To open the door:


Move the operating knob out of the notch and sideways about 30 degrees, then release the knob, allowing the bolt to automatically return to its retracted position.

The door should now be able to open and closed freely until the UB200F is operated again to fasten the door.