DUO Hinges
05 sep 2011 

A next generation

All DUO hinges are now supplied with stainless steel centre pivot axles.

The use of stainless steel pivot axles enhances the weather resistance of DUO hinges and improves the structural strength and the safety factor incorporated into those hinges.

To assist gate and door manufacturers using DUO hinges with their products, the stainless steel pivot axles are manufactured so as to be removable, enabling DUO hinges to be welded to a door or gate prior to galvanising and/or powder coating without the difficulties of fettling and cleaning afterwards.

In addition, installers are assisted by enabling them to “advance” the end of one (or more) pivot axles to more easily hang a door or gate to which DUO hinges are installed.

DUO hinges now also include “D” hinge flaps (registered design applies) enabling door and gate manufacturers to continuously weld the flaps to RHS and other sections and enhancing the resultant structural strength of the assembly.

Grease nipples continue to be included as standard equipment with all DUO hinges